Tokyo subway? No, global Web Trends Map…

Based on the Tokyo area train map, – Information Architects Japan, also known as “iA,” sometimes clients of ours – have created their second annual “Web Trends Map.”

Trend Map detail

Actually, it has nothing to do with Tokyo subways or train lines and everything to do with the planet’s most successful and influential websites, starting with the obvious: Google, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. replacing the heart of Tokyo. But the closer you look, as the lines spread out around the global village, you’ll notice some cheeky neighborhood naming and interesting website choices. (Did you click the thumbnail, above?)

Choices were based on all sorts of factors ranging from global branding/marketing to design to usability to plain old “coolness,” but the overriding factor has to have been influential-ness.

Order the huge paper version for your office wall. They’re printing only 1000 of them, so contact iA while supplies last!

Giant wall version

The live, clickable version…

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