Marketing on the Japanese web will launch in February 2008!

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Maniackers Design

Okay, I intend to make a serious, committed effort to write daily for this blog. But the first posts will define the entire mission of the blog, so they have to be really good. You see? For that reason, I’m delaying the official launch until February. Right now our department is overwhelmed with client orders. Clients come first. Then the February launch. Then words on this blog will flow out of me, and flow, and flow. You’ll see. Once things are started I won’t belabor the writing process. From then onward, regardless of our busyness, you can expect to see posts all the time. PROMISE! You won’t be able to shut me up. Haha.

For now, readers are invited to play with our “Swicki,” a search engine focused on Japanese localization, translation, web development, web design, web content, branding, SEO, marketing and copywriting. Try these searches and feel free to edit the search results:

Honestly! Useful, readable content is coming to this blog next month!

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