Whatever you’re successfully marketing in English, you can probably market in Japanese.

Japanese web users, not unlike Western users, can consciously or subconsciously sense when your business is speaking their language or trying to force them to understand yours. Much of your English-language content can easily be translated, but there are some conventions that are unique to Japan. It’s how you say it that counts.

As much as growing businesses are tempted to market on the Japanese web, it can be time-consuming and frustrating hiring both the right language help and the right technical help at reasonable prices.

Most Japanese web shoppers search in Japanese, and won’t find a site without at least a page of Japanese, anyway.

Hire a qualified web project manager to review your project’s business objectives and the expected customer experience of the Japanese web content, the two common starting points. Once you or your client start seeing results and developing a sense of who the site’s Japanese customers are, the business is primed for more developed Japanese web marketing strategies to attract more precisely targeted traffic and convert more visitors to customers.

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