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“Marketing on the Japanese web” is read by professionals involved in the art of international business persuasion – including a wide range of people working in translation, localization, copywriting, search marketing, global and ethnic branding, and so on. Whether you’re an agency professional, a corporate executive, or a small business owner: If you find our articles useful, this blog is for you.

We love contributors!
We welcome article contributions from professionals with expertise in any of the industries mentioned above, even if the content is relevant to areas outside Japan or languages other than Japanese. Contact us if you’re interested in contributing. It’s a win-win-win situation. You get a valuable link back to your business, we get original content, our readers get useful tips and advice.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Submitted articles should be related to copywriting, search marketing and/or branding within the context of translation/localization.
  • You are perfectly welcome to promote your own business within the article. We expect that. But the overall purpose of the article should take an advisory or instructive approach and offer information that readers can use.
  • Our copy editor reviews and revises each article for consistency. We’ll send the finished version back for your review before we publish.
  • Each article published on “Marketing on the Japanese web” is unique. We ask contributors to send us articles that are not published elsewhere on the web.

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