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Japanese translation agency
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Japanese copywriting blog

Japanese translation
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If you're looking for a professional translation services company in Japan that does business in English, you've come to the right place. We manage professional translation of business texts in various document and industry categories (see below). The top page of our company site is here:
> JAPANtranslation | Japanese translation company

Translation services by industry
Translation of manuals, specifications, and documentation, as well as actual software encoding localization. See:
> Computing, software and IT-related English/Japanese translation

Translation of various contracts, licensing and certification, agreements, and so on. See:
> Legal and contractual English/Japanese translation

Translation of patent specification, application and examination documents. See:
> English/Japanese translation related to patents

Translation of annual reports, documents related to banking, bonds, insurance, investments, real estate, and so on. See:
> Corporate and finance-related English/Japanese translation

Translation of process management specifications, guides and manuals related to measuring instruments, robotics, automation, and so on. See:
> English/Japanese translation for manufacturing industries

Documents related to power generation, mining, iron and steel, other metals, oil refining, chemical production, and so on. See:
> English/Japanese translation related to industrial plants and refineries

Translation related to biological and chemical engineering. See:
> English/Japanese translation for biological/chemical engineering and sciences

Translation of architectural, building and construction documents. See:
> English/Japanese translation for architectural and building fields

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents. See:
> English/Japanese translation for medical and pharmaceutical fields

Japanese services for translation companies
If you're with an overseas agency and need professional assistance in Japan, see our Japanese translation outsourcing services for overseas agencies:
> Agency-to-agency services

Jobs for Japanese translators
If you're a professional translator seeking work, see:
> Job opportunities for translators

Japanese marketing
Information about Japanese advertising, branding, marketing, copywriting, Japanese copy transcreation and adaptation, and public relations, see our blog:
> Articles about English/Japanese copy adaptation
> Articles about English/Japanese copywriting
> Articles about English/Japanese copy transcreation
> Articles about English/Japanese branding
> Articles about English/Japanese PR
> Articles about marketing in Japan

Other Japan-related business topics
Information about Japanese website or web page localization (also spelled 'localisation'), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising, web development, the translation business, translation agencies and business in Japan in general. See our blog:
> Articles about English/Japanese localization
> Articles about English/Japanese search engine optimization and marketing
> Articles about English/Japanese translation companies
> Articles about English/Japanese web development
> Articles about doing business in Japan
> Articles about English-to-Japanese translation

Japanese translation we can't help you with... Sorry!
Free Japanese <> English translation of a sentence, phrase, or word online. Try:
> Google Translate

Japanese kanji characters to romaji translation. Try:
> Kanji Converter

English to Japanese name translation, Japanese tattoo translation, calligraphy. Try:
> Japanese calligraphy | Japanese name translation | Kanji name translation | Japanese symbols for names

Japanese <> English translation software. Try:
> XLsoft Corporation: The Honyaku - Japanese <-> English Translation Software

Examples of funny Japanese "English." See:

Japanese higher number counting system, number conversions. See:
> American / Japanese Higher Numbers

English-Chinese translation. Try:
> Chinese Translation, English to Chinese Translation, Chinese English Translation Company

English-Spanish translation. Try:
> Professional Spanish Translation - Accurate Spanish Translator - English to Spanish Language Translation

Basic Japanese greetings and expressions. See:
> Japanese Words & Phrases

How Japanese sentences are constructed. See:
> How to Understand a Japanese sentence -- Ken Butler's Japanese CyberTutorial 3

Japanese kanji character dictionary with pronunciations. Try:
> Japanese Kanji Dictionary

Purchase hand-brushed Japanese symbols as artwork:
> Japanese Symbols Meanings, Calligraphy & Translation by Maikoworks

Other things Japanese that we don't provide...
If you're looking for hot Japanese models (girls or boys), restaurants, animation ('anime'), art, cars, sudoku puzzles, clothing/fashion, culture, dictionaries, food, games, gardens, music lyrics, movies, swords, tea, beetles, flags, or whatever, please check out the Japan Visitor website.
> Japan travel guide hotel | flight | tourist information & resident travel guide :: Japan Visitor

For internal use...
> Vermögensverwaltung


Japan Translation

Japanese translation jobs delivered to...
  • Accenture
  • Agilent Technologies
  • ARM
  • Asahi & Co.
  • BASF Japan
  • Britannica Japan
  • Canon
  • CitiTrust
  • Compaq Computer
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Embassy of Israel, Economic Department
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Japan
  • Ericcson Mobile AB (Sweden)
  • FIFA World Cup Office
  • FolioTS
  • Fujitsu
  • Health Sciences University of Hokkaido
  • Information Architects Japan
  • Invest-Partners Wealth Management
  • Japan Airlines Group
  • Japan National Science Museum
  • Japan-China Economic Association
  • JTB
  • K1 World GP
  • Kumamoto Gakuen University
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Miyazaki Prefectural Nursing University
  • Nacio Systems
  • Nara Women's University
  • Nasdaq Japan Planning
  • NEC
  • Nihon University
  • Nippon Steel
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • Okayama University
  • Osaka Christian College
  • Osaka University
  • Philips Japan
  • PriceWaterhouse Aoyama Audit Corporation
  • Reuters
  • Rohto Pharmaceutical
  • Sanyo Electric
  • Sharp
  • Sony
  • The Japan Research Institute
  • Tohoku University School of Medicine
  • Tokyo Dental College
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Tokyo University
  • Toshiba
  • Toyo University, Faculty of Literature
  • UPS Yamato Express
  • Wakayama University
  • Yamaha Motor Company

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